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Miriam Bradbridge and the Hinmers Connection


Bradbridge Family Lineage
The Bradbridge Family of Woolwich, Shropshire and Liverpool
The Seige of Fort Erie
Captain John Bradbridge and Captain John Jones Bradbridge

Miriam Ann Bradbridge was born in 1793 in Woolwich (although the 1841 census suggests she was born in 1796 in St Alkmond, Shrewsbury). In the 1841 census she is listed as living in Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury, where she would appear to have spent a large proportion of her life. She died in Atcham (a village a few miles South East of Shrewsbury) in 1872 and left a will, which gives a considerable amount of clues as to the close relationship between Miriam and her elder sister Elizabeth Lennard Bradbridge.

In her will Miriam identifies her two siblings, firstly her late brother John Jones Bradbridge (reference is made of a portrait, which may be the one reprinted in these pages) and her sister Elizabeth Lennard Hinmers, wife of John Hinmers.

John Hinmers was a Baptist Minister. In 1818 he is recorded as being appointed Secretary of the Shropshire Auxiliary Society in aid of Baptist Missions and Translations. In 1822, however, he was appointed Minister of the Liquor Pond Street Baptist Church (later the Salem Chapel) in Boston, Lincolnshire. There is some reference in the Church's minutes expressing dissatisfaction with Hinmers and, although this appears to have been cleared up in 1827, by 1828 he had left and become Minister of Oakham Baptist Church. He died in Shrewsbury in 1838.

During his time in Lincolnshire John Hinmers and his wife Elizabeth Lennard Hinmers owned Stubbles Farm in Cressing and Black and White Notley (the deeds refer to co-ownership with a Miss Bradbridge (possibly Miriam). Documents put up briefly for sale on Ebay also referred to property in Lincolnshire in which John Bradbridge (presumably John Jones Bradbridge) had an interest.

Interestingly, the 1861 census shows a Bradbridge family living in Boston headed by a John Bradbridge (aged 33). It is not clear where this John Bradbridge fits into the overall picture.

At some point in the 1840s, the Hinmers family moved to Greenock in Scotland. John and Elizabeth Hinmers had at least four children, Elizabeth Lennard (b. 1817), Esther (b. 1821), George (b. 1822) and Mary (b. 1827). Miriam's will refers to another niece, Ellen, who is also married to a George Hinmers. It would appear that there may have potentially been two George Hinmers as Miriam's will refers to a George Hinmers of Glasgow and a George Hinmers of Greenock. George and Ellen Hinmers of Greenock had six children, John, Thomas, William Turner, George, Charles Davies and Ellen. George Hinmers of Glasgow and his wife Margaret had four children, Grace Hay, Elizabeth Lennard (who at the time of Miriam's death was living with her in Shrewsbury and benefits largely in the will), George and Jane. All these family members benefit in some way in Miriam's will.

At the time of her death Miriam was clearly quite wealthy. She owned a farm called Pen Bryn in St Martins, which was occupied by a Thomas Woodville (farmer and maltster) as well as other real estate. She also left sums of £50 each to her grand nephew George and grand nieces Grace Hay and Jane as well as £10 to St George's Church in Shrewsbury and 19 guineas to the poor people of that parish. The portrait of John Jones Bradbridge was left to her grand nephew Thomas Hinmers.