Lineage Charts

The Basford Family of Nantwich

Ralph Basford 1769-1818

The Bradbridge Family of Woolwich, Shropshire and Liverpool

The Military Career of Captain John Bradbridge

The Siege of Fort Erie

The Bradbridge-Hinmers Connection

The Davey/Davy Family of Fakenham Magna

The Dunston/Dunstan Family of South Yorkshire

The Fleury Family of Ireland and Manchester

Joseph Fleury (1870-1920)

The Fleury and Dubourdieu Families of France

The Parkinson Family of




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Chippendale Family Lineage



Descendants of Thomas Chippendale

Generation No. 1

THOMAS (1) CHIPPENDALE was born Bet. 1562 - 1582 in Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire, and died December 1636 in Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire. He married ISABEL INGMIRE June 6, 1602 in Holy Trinity Church, Skipton. She was born Bet. 1572 - 1587 in Skipton.


i. ELIZABETH CHIPPENDALE, b. 1602, Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire; d. August 1602, Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire.
ii. ELLEN CHIPPENDALE, b. 1606, Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire.
iii. GEORGE CHIPPENDALE, b. 1608, Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire; d. February 1608/09, Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire.
iv. ISABEL CHIPPENDALE, b. 1610, Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire.
v. MARGARET CHIPPENDALE, b. 1613, Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire. 4
vi. THOMAS CHIPPENDALE, b. 1615, Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire; d. 1686, Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire. 5
vii. PETER CHIPPENDALE, b. 1619, Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire; d. December 1708, Appletreewick, Burnsall, Yorkshire.
viii. ELIZABETH CHIPPENDALE, b. 1622, Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire.

Generation No. 2

MARGARET CHIPPENDALE (THOMAS1) was born 1613 in Embsay, Skipton, Yorkshire. She married GEORGE PHILLIPS February 2, 1636/37 in Holy Trinity Church, Skipton. He was born Bet. 1596 - 1616 in Storiths, Hazlewood, Skipton.