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The Basford Family of Nantwich

Ralph Basford 1769-1818

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The Military Career of Captain John Bradbridge

The Siege of Fort Erie

The Bradbridge-Hinmers Connection

The Davey/Davy Family of Fakenham Magna

The Dunston/Dunstan Family of South Yorkshire

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Joseph Fleury (1870-1920)

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Davey Family Lineage


The Davey/Davy Family of Fakenham Magna

Descendants of Jonas Davey

Generation No. 1

1. JONAS (1) DAVEY was born 1760 in Fakenham Suffolk, and died January 12, 1845 in Euston, Suffolk. He married ELIZABETH BUXTON 1790 in Fakenham, Suffolk. She was born 1765, and died February 2, 1851 in Euston, Suffolk.


i. MARY (2) DAVEY, b. Abt. April 25, 1790, Fakenham Suffolk; d. December 10, 1901, Fakenham Suffolk.
ii. ELIZABETH DAVEY, b. Abt. June 10, 1792, Fakenham Suffolk.
iii. WILLIAM DAVEY, b. Abt. April 20, 1794, Fakenham, Suffolk.
iv. JOHN DAVEY, b. Abt. December 16, 1795, Fakenham Suffolk; m. ANN BAKER, October 12, 1815, Fakenham, Suffolk; b. Fakenham Suffolk.
v. JONAS DAVEY, b. 1799, Fakenham Suffolk.
vi. EDWARD DAVEY, b. Abt. April 26, 1801, Fakenham Suffolk; d. July 2, 1854, Fakenham Suffolk.
vii. MORRIS DAVEY, b. June 11, 1803, Fakenham Suffolk.
viii. ROBERT DAVEY, b. May 17, 1807, Fakenham, Suffolk; d. February 2, 1889, Fakenham, Suffolk.
ix. SAMUEL DAVEY, b. August 23, 1811.

Generation No. 2

JONAS (2) DAVEY (JONAS1) was born 1799 in Fakenham Suffolk. He married (1) JANE AGER August 22, 1834 in Little Livermere. She died March 22, 1835 in Euston, Suffolk. He married (2) CHARLOTTE AGER Aft. 1835 in Fakenham Magna, Suffolk.

Child of JONAS DAVEY and JANE AGER is:

i. WILLIAM3 DAVY, b. 1834, Euston, Suffolk.

EDWARD (2) DAVEY (JONAS1) was born Abt. April 26, 1801 in Fakenham Suffolk, and died July 2, 1854 in Fakenham Suffolk. He married LUCY NUDD November 8, 1823 in St Peter, Fakenham Magna, daughter of ROBERT NUDD and SUSANNAH SMITH. She was born May 24, 1801 in Fakenham Suffolk, and died December 27, 1827 in Fakenham Suffolk.

Children of EDWARD DAVEY and LUCY NUDD are:

i. ROBERT3 DAVEY, b. Abt. 1825, Fakenham Suffolk.
ii. MAURICE DAVEY, b. 1826, Fakenham Suffolk; d. 1906.

ROBERT (2) DAVEY (JONAS1) was born May 17, 1807 in Fakenham, Suffolk, and died February 2, 1889 in Fakenham, Suffolk. He married EMMA LOVEDAY. She was born 1808 in Beccles, Suffolk.

Children of ROBERT DAVEY and EMMA LOVEDAY are:

i. RUTH (3) DAVEY, b. Abt. October 18, 1835, Fakenham Suffolk.
ii. EMMA DAVEY, b. Abt. September 25, 1836, Fakenham, Suffolk.
iii. SAMUEL DAVEY, b. Abt. November 6, 1837, Fakenham Suffolk.
iv. ELIZABETH DAVEY, b. Abt. November 1, 1838, Fakenham Suffolk.
v. ROBERT WILLIAM DAVEY, b. Abt. June 19, 1840, Fakenham Suffolk.
vi. LUCY NAOMI DAVEY, b. Abt. April 5, 1841, Fakenham Suffolk.
vii. WILLIAM DAVEY, b. Abt. June 19, 1842, Fakenham Suffolk.
viii. MARY DAVEY, b. October 22, 1843, Fakenham,Suffolk; d. 1939, Hooley Hill, Audenshaw, Lancashire.
ix. MAURICE/MORRIS DAVEY, b. Abt. January 21, 1845, Fakenham Suffolk.
x. SUSANNAH DAVEY, b. September 1848, Fakenham Suffolk.
xi. ROBERT DAVEY, b. May 19, 1850, Fakenham Suffolk.
xii. HENRY DAVEY, b. Abt. April 3, 1853, Fakenham, Suffolk; d. February 20, 1891.

Generation No. 3

WILLIAM (3) DAVY (JONAS2 DAVEY, JONAS1) was born 1834 in Euston, Suffolk.

Child of WILLIAM DAVY is:

i. EDWARD (4) DAVY, b. 1869, Euston, Suffolk.

MAURICE (3) DAVEY (EDWARD2, JONAS1) was born 1826 in Fakenham Suffolk, and died 1906. He married ELIZA FILBY November 8, 1851. She was born Abt. 1830 in Hepworth, Suffolk, and died 1891.

Children of MAURICE DAVEY and ELIZA FILBY are:

i. GEORGE ROBERT (4) DAVY, b. 1853.
ii. EDWARD DAVY, b. Abt. 1856.
iii. LUCY MARIA DAVY, b. Abt. 1860.
iv. FRANK DAVY, b. Abt. 1862.
v. MARY ELIZA DAVY, b. Abt. 1869.
vi. MAURICE DAVY, b. Abt. 1872.
vii. ELLEN DAVY, b. Abt. 1875.

MARY (3) DAVEY (ROBERT2, JONAS1) was born October 22, 1843 in Fakenham,Suffolk, and died 1939 in Hooley Hill, Audenshaw, Lancashire. She married WILLIAM PHILIP DUNSTON February 1, 1870 in Halifax, West Yorkshire, son of RICHARD DUNSTON and EMMA. He was born 1848 in Methley, Yorks, and died May 29, 1888 in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire.