Lineage Charts

The Basford Family of Nantwich

Ralph Basford 1769-1818

The Bradbridge Family of Woolwich, Shropshire and Liverpool

The Military Career of Captain John Bradbridge

The Siege of Fort Erie

The Bradbridge-Hinmers Connection

The Davey/Davy Family of Fakenham Magna

The Dunston/Dunstan Family of South Yorkshire

The Fleury Family of Ireland and Manchester

Joseph Fleury (1870-1920)

The Fleury and Dubourdieu Families of France

The Parkinson Family of




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Lineage Charts



A full list of our specific surname interests is as follows. Click on the link for each individual family lineage chart:

Basford (Nantwich)
Bayliss (Lydney, Gloucester, Tewkesbury)
Beer (Germany)
Bradbridge (London + any connection with the Royal Artillery)
Bradley (Wharfedale)
Buxton (Fakenham Magna, Suffolk)
Cheswis (Nantwich)
Chippendale (Skipton)
Cottle (Bristol)
Craven (Ilkley, Yorks)
Davies (Wrenbury, Cheshire)
Davey/Davy (Fakenham Magna, Suffolk)
Dean (Nantwich and Manchester)
Dunstan/Dunston (South Yorkshire)
Emmott (Wharfedale)
Fisher (Glamorgan)
Fleury (Ireland)
Gregson (Wigan, Ormskirk)
Green (Abercarn, S Wales, Bath)
Griffiths (South Wales)
Hardacre (Skipton, Yorks)
Holmes (Skipton, Wharfedale, Yorkshire)
Hudson (Wharfedale)
Ingmire (Skipton)
Jones (Coed Kernew, Monmouthshire, St Mellons)
Jones (Llanyblodwel, Montgomeryshire)
Leeming (Skipton, Yorks)
Loveday (Beccles, Suffolk)
Mallinson (Wharfedale)
Mitchell (Bingley, Yorks)
Morgan (Llanvaches, South Wales)
Mulliner (Wrenbury, Cheshire)
Pardue (Ireland)
Parker (Hull)
Pearson (Skipton, Yorks)
Parkinson (Wharfedale)
Parkinson (Wrenbury, Cheshire)
Phillips (Skipton, Yorks)
Pickles (Wharfedale)
Pullan (Wharfedale)
Read (Wharfedale)
Settle (Knaresborough)
Smith (Wharfedale)
Spring (South Wales)
Theakston (Hampsthwaite, Yorks)
Thomason (Wrenbury/Acton, Cheshire)
Turner (Nantwich)
Wardman (Wharfedale, Ripley)
Wilcock (Appleby, Westmorland)
Wilkinson (Bradford)
Williams (Blaenau Festiniog)
Williamson (Acton, Wrenbury)
Winterscales (Wharfedale)
Wilson (Hull + anything to do with basket making)
Winterburn (Skipton, Yorks)
Woodhead (Skipton)
Woolsey (Nantwich)
Wright (Lydney, Glos and Lichfield, Staffs)